Vegetables every Week from Hoch-Reinhard

The Box

The philosophy is simple but convincing: the box only includes seasonal vegetables from our Bioland nursery in Fischingen (10 km from Basel): salad, root vegetables and other seasonal vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, fennel, beans or cabbage. You get varied vegetables depending on the season about 2-3 kg per box. This is usually enough for a single or small household. Get the Box now


the horticulture

For more than 75 years, the Hoch-Reinhard horticulture, now run by the third generation, has existed. Then resident in Haltingen the company nowadays is located in Fischingen. The cultivation areas are located in the southern Markgräferland. Directed by organic principles, the nursery was converted into organic farming in 1979; Since 1987 she is a member of Bioland. Today we manage 40 ha of open land and 1.2 ha of greenhouses. Further information about the nursery:

the details

The box costs 15 CHF and has to be collected at the depots. In addition, apples can be ordered from the website (local). If you do not need a vegetable box for one week, you can cancel by e-mail by Tuesday 12 noon. If not canceled, the basket has to be paid. The subscription can be terminated at any time.